Our Cuisine

Our culinary offer is based on regional and traditional Asturian cooking. We make all our food fresh, every day, with care and love. We use seasonal products from our own garden and work directly with small, local producers. We choose all local products carefully: all our meat is Asturian veal and all our fish products come from the Cantabrian sea; everything is cooked with high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Start your day off right with our homemade breakfast.

Guests can enjoy traditional baking goods made in Asturian houses; with the aromas and flavors that remind us of our grandmothers.

Our sweets include: cream cake, cookies, donuts, stuffed puff pastry, Swiss roll and the most traditional of our land: casadielles (fried empanada stuffed with a nut, sugar and anise mix), frixuelos (Asturian-style crepe), French toast… all made fresh every day in our kitchen, because we love to offer the best products made with love and care.

Our breakfast comes with freshly squeezed seasonal juice or fresh fruit, homemade yogurt with jam and wood-oven baked bread with butter and homemade jams or local honey.

In order to provide guests with a savory and filling breakfast, we offer fresh-cooked eggs, savory empanadas, local ham and cheese, wood-oven baked bread with tomato and excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Accompanied, of course, with freshly made coffee or tea.

After this delicious breakfast you will be ready to make the most of a day of exploring Asturias.

In the evening we offer gusts an equally delicious and comforting dinner with many items to choose from

We start off with creamed vegetables or fish soup or broth to warm up.

First dishes include various salads, Asturian cheese, grilled vegetables or homemade pate.

Como plato principal: huevos fritos o en revuelto, carne de ternera asturiana, pescados del Cantábrico o alguno de los platos más típicos de la cocina asturiana, como son las patatas, cebollas o el repollo relleno.
As a main dish: fried or scrambled eggs, Asturian veal, Cantabrian fish or one of the most typical dishes of Asturian cooking like potatoes, onions or stuffed cabbage.

Dinner ends with delicious homemade dessert: cheesecake or apple cake, stuffed frixuelo (Asturian-style crepe) or vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate. Our lightest option is homemade yogurt.

The best way to end the day is with a coffee or hot tea, or even an after-dinner liquor on our candlelit porch… and then you are ready for bed.