Information of interest  Contains information about activities in the councils around our house. Culinary events, fairs, exhibitions… etc. Official website of the Principality of Asturias where you can find all types of information about Asturias. We highly recommend it for planning your trip. Website about Asturian gastronomy; information about restaurants in the region and culinary events. Website about one of the most common types of architecture in Asturias: Pre-Romanesque. We know that you will never forget visiting all these historical monuments. Website that includes information about the vast majority of museums in Asturias. Website that includes information about the vast majority of museums in Asturias.


These are just some interesting websites, but there are many more interesting places close to the hotel to visit: the fishing towns of Tazones and Lastres, the beaches of the dinosaur coast (such as Merón, Rodiles and La Griega). Villaviciosa is home to Asturian cider. Hiking routes through our council… etc.
When you arrive to the hotel we can recommend how you can best spend a few wonderful days discovering our land, customs, cuisine…

If you are looking for a bit of adrenaline during your stay, we can put you in touch with an active tourism company for horseback riding, quads, hiking in the Sueve mountains, a day of fishing, a canoe ride along the Villaviciosa estuary or the Sella River… etc. 


If you are traveling with kids, there are many activities to enjoy close by: a walk on La Griega beach and a visit to the Jurassic museum to learn about the dinosaurs; an afternoon at the Asturcón museum to learn about native/local animal breeds at a farm school or a trip to visit a cheese factory. We also provide babysitting services at the hotel (reservation needed).